Rebuilding Generations

Rebuilding Generations

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The mission of Rebuilding Generations is to bridge the growing gap between the older and younger generations in today’s culture. There is a lot of respect to be discovered between the two. All too often, young people feel like the older generation simply doesn’t understand how the world works any more. Meanwhile, the older generation shakes its head at today’s young people, convinced that all they care about is their smart phones, Facebook and Twitter.

Rebuilding Generations, as the name suggests, wants to do just that. Their goal is to give these opposing generations an opportunity to learn from each other. This is accomplished through vehicle builds, putting the “old guys” together with the “young whipper-snappers” to create something significant as a team. It allows the seasoned older generation to show the younger generation just how much knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated and that there’s great value in manual labor and hands-on experience. At the same time, this program gives the younger generation a chance to be heard and to show the older generation the benefits of social media and modern technology.




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